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George T. Burton

January 13, 1952 - October 4, 2023

George T. Burton was born on January 13, 1952, to Vivian Flemming and George T. Burton, Sr. He belonged to the Coker family of Greenville South Carolina, and is mourned by his brothers and many cousins.

At an early age, George went to live with his step-mother Alice, known affectionately to many as "Aunt Alice." He was educated in New York City Schools. He also served in the Army Reserves and was very proud of it.

George was a great conversationalist. He could hold his own in friendly -- and sometimes not so friendly -- debates.

George loved vintage cars and worked tirelessly and with joy to restore them to their original greatness. The smile of satisfaction and accomplishment he had was priceless whwenever he finished. He traveled the country and made many friendships at various car meet-ups and conventions through the years. He also collected car magazines, Hot Wheels toy cars, model cars, and albums from many different music genres, which he displayed proudly throughout his home.

George evntually became legally blind, but his collection of audio and Braille literature was amazing. The Guild for the Visually Impaired assisted him with his visual limitations. They knew him fondly as as Mr. Burton. In turn, he was always willing to help anyone who was visually impaired.

Despite his disability, George had a great sense of joy and laughter. His smile and loving character will be greatly missed.

George leaves behind loving siblings, a huge family, and many friends of diverse backgrounds. He was fortunate to have caring home attendants, Mrs. Duncan, MD, and VNS workers. He was loved and assisted with care by the Chase Bank officers at the McLean Avenue Branch, Mr. Eric Morgan and some who retired but kept in touch with him. He was also cared for by the management of Tryak Realty, as well as his loving neighbors whom he loved as well. 

Thank you to all of you who helped and cared for George.

Lovingly submitted,

The Family

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