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Griffin-Peters has experience working with families with diverse needs and levels of experience.  Below, we have listed some of our most commonly requested services and offerings. Feel free to contact us for more information or if you need a service that is not listed.


Cremation is fast becoming a very popular service for our clients. Cremation services can be preceded by viewings and followed by memorials or vice versa, making it an extremely versatile option.


Burial is considered by many to be the most traditional funeral rite, and Griffin-Peters offers a variety of options to meet both traditional and non-traditional burial needs.


When a loved one dies, family members are often left making dozens to hundreds of important decisions in the hours after being informed of their passing. Griffin-Peters encourages pre-planning for individuals and families who want to prepare early for end-of-life services.


We have helped families with a variety of different desires, ranging from memorials in non-denominational chapels and halls, to at-home memorial services. Please ask us more!


Griffin-Peters is located in New York City, but we are able to coordinate with service providers domestically and internationally in order to make sure that your needs are met, where ever you are.

Flowers, Keepsakes

We have a network of trusted retailers that have provided our clients with the highest quality of floral arrangements and keepsakes so that they had the best possible experience with their loved ones. 

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