Making an arrangement

If you plan to visit or call us to make an arrangement, the following list of items should help you plan ahead to make the process easier and safer.

Please have the following information about your loved one readily available when you have your initial appointment with us;

  • The name of your loved one's mother and father

  • Their maiden name, if applicable

  • Their place and date of birth

  • Their occupation

  • Their Social Security Number

  • Their highest level of education

  • Their address

  • Their marital status

Making decisions with family and loved ones:

It is important that all family and loved ones be 'on the same page' about the arrangements to be made. In the event this is not possible due to disagreement one person should be designated the primary decision-maker, and legally this role will fall to the next of kin. We are here to help facilitate these discussions with you and help make sure that everyone is satisfied with the arrangements that are made.

​-Griffin-Peters Staff