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Our staff:

We are a small business, but we pride ourselves in our experience and being able to work with clients from diverse backgrounds all over the Greater New York Metropolitan area.
Our Licensed Funeral Directors
Damien Hall.jpg
Damien Hall was a licensed funeral director providing funeral services primarily based in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Greater Metropolitan New York area. As of May, 2023, Damien separated from and no longer represents the Griffin-Peters family business, and we wish him the best in the future.

We still do business in the outer boroughs, please call us at 212-926-0905 at any time to discuss your needs!
Keith and Valerie Davis were a married team that had been in the funeral business together for over 35 years.

Keith was the owner of Griffin-Peters Funeral Home and was the primary funeral director for the business which he learned from his great-grandmother in his 20's. Valerie was born in Kingston, Jamaica and comes from a family of mortuary service people as well.

After Keith's death in March, 2023, Valerie continues to be indispensable in her role as current owner and in communicating with families, planning and coordinating services, shopping for families, and delivering cosmetic services. There is immense pride in the work we and our team provide and also in the family's long legacy in the funeral service industry. Keith and Valerie's children, Keithara, Trent, and Tuere, are all currently involved in different aspects of the business, and we plan to continue providing affordable bespoke service to this community for many years to come.
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