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Wayne 'Muka' Carter

February 28, 1965 - February 15, 2024

Wayne "Muka" Carter, a Brooklyn native born on February 28th, 1965, emerged as a resilient soul amidst life's trial and tribulations.

His journey, tragically cut short on February 5th, 2024, at the Mount Sinai Hospital after a courageous nine-year battle against cancer, exemplifies the relentless spirit that defined his existence.

From the tender age of five, Wayne confronted the harsh reality of loss when his beloved mother, Clarice, was tragically taken from him. Forced to navigate the rough waters of life, Wayne and his siblings found comfort in the embrace of Aunt Grace and cousins, relocating from Brooklyn to the Bronx and eventually settling in the Polo Grounds. It was amidst these challenges that Wayne's resilient spirit shone brightest. Despite the difficulties, Wayne found a lasting friendship and companionship with his dear friend George while staying at a temporary group home. Wayne's educational journey was marked by dedication and persistence as he traveled through PS 46

Elementary School, l.S. 10 Middle School, and Hughes High School.

His path was a whirlwind of twists and turns, each challenge met with a fierce determination to shape his destiny. Alongside them stood his siblings, Walter, Tina, and Erika (Reika), who shared in his victories and hardships, offering unwavering support and love. Adopting the nickname "Wiz," he moved through the busy streets with a strong determination that beat the odds. And for those fortunate enough to have shared in his remarkable journey, if you know, you know the Orange Door.

Yet, fate had its own plans, leading Wayne into the depths of incarceration where he began a meaningful transformation. Within the limits of his imprisonment, he grabbed the chance to change his story, coming out with a newfound sense of purpose and a diploma in his hand. Throughout his bumpy journey, Wayne's loyalty to his family stayed strong, as he passed on priceless life lessons and taught the values of learning, working hard, and being honest into the hearts of his loved ones.

At the age of 18, Wayne welcomed his first daughter, Kiyuana, into the world, an example of his young resilience and unshakable determination. Three years later, the joy of fatherhood blossomed once more as Kawuana, lovingly called Toot, graced his life with her presence.

In the vibrant hustle of the Polo Grounds, fate spun its complex threads, linking together Wayne and his loved one, Timika, known as Mike. In 1995, when they unexpectedly met, they instantly felt a strong connection that seemed to overcome any challenges. From their earliest days, Wayne was the constant presence who often found himself drawn to Mike's mischievous antics, little knowing that their playful exchanges would blossom into a deep love story. As the years unfolded, their bond grew stronger, concluding in a joyous union on July 28, 2001. Theirs was a love story powered by destiny, a demonstration of the transformative power of love that goes beyond the limits of time and space.

With this union, Wayne embraced the role of fatherhood with open arms, extending his love and guidance to Tia and Tylor, whom he raised as his own with boundless affection and unwavering commitment. Later, his family grew even more vibrant with the arrival of his beloved daughter Tamia and son Wayne Jr., fondly referred to as Tekhi, infusing his life with even more joy and purpose.

Wayne was a man of many passions, from cheering on his favorite sports teams to indulging in the simple pleasures of a well-rolled blunt. Yet, above all, his heart found its true joy in the cherished role of grandparent. As "papa" to his beloved grandchildren, Giovaugni, Nihlah, Giaugni, and Kiyuara, Wayne found boundless love and endless delight. In their innocent eyes, he found peace and unconditional love, for they were his precious gems, the radiant lights that illuminated his path and promised to carry forth his spirit into the boundless expanse of the future.

And amidst the family gatherings and cherished moments, his dog, Stinka Butt Carter, remained a constant source of joy and friendship, weaving their unique bond into the fabric of his legacy. Together, they formed a tapestry of love and kinship, each thread a testament to Wayne's enduring impact on those he held dear.

Wayne's career path was truly amazing, as he began an impressive journey with Lang Construction, rubbing shoulders with icons like David Letterman, Robert De Niro, and Lena Horne. His craftsmanship and professionalism left an indelible mark, shaping dreams and leaving lasting impressions. Transitioning to Edmond & Sons Boiler Company in 2004, Wayne continued to excel until fate dealt a cruel blow with a diagnosis of Stage 4 prostate cancer, an emotional reminder of his exposure during the tragic events of 9/11. Despite the challenges, Wayne remained determined, showcasing his strong spirit and strength in facing life's difficulties.

Wayne's memory is engraved in the hearts of all who knew him, cherished for his consistent devotion to family, his morning texts that brightened even the darkest days, and his infectious laughter that filled the room with joy. Beneath his stern exterior lay a heart overflowing with love and compassion, a gentle soul whose warmth touched the lives of countless others. To know Wayne was to love him, to experience the depth of his kindness and the breadth of his generosity. Though he may have departed this world, his spirit lives on in the mermories he created and the love he shared, a beacon of light guiding us through the darkest of times.

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